The Rungas Group has developed to provide an integrated gas solution to ensure that LPG is the fuel of Choice of Africa “a cleaner fuel”. Since 2008, we have been at the forefront of creating the structures, capabilities and developing innovations to make our populace (commercial and domestic) expand its use of gas.

As a company that support the Paris Agreement and are committed to ensuring that its objectives to increase the use of cleaner fuel such as gas, as the number one cooking fuel in Africa is achieved in conjunction with the plan of the Federal Department of Petroleum Resources of Nigeria.

We are overcharged with passion in our vision to positively influence our consumers and customers in how they receive and use LPG (cooking gas), how they think about cleaner energy i.e. cooking gas and how they make decisions about adopting safe and reliable gas technology especially through our branded canisters (cylinders). Our core purpose as a business and LPG equipment supplier is to make cleaner fuel acceptable in Africa, to take our cylinder and gas products to everyone, everywhere in Africa. We want LPG to be the fuel of choice.

We want Africa to talk about and associate gas, and cylinders, innovation, safety and technology to the Rungas Group of Companies.