Made In Nigeria…increasing accessibility to LPG

Made In Nigeria…increasing accessibility to LPG

In line with its vision to serve as a catalyst for the industrialization of the Nigerian oil and gas industry, NCDMB [Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board] have partnered with Rungas by providing funding through equity for the composite cylinder manufacturing plant in Bayelsa State which will have a production capacity of 400,000 cylinders per year. The Lekki facility will produce about 800,000 cylinders and the Kano facility about 200,000 cylinders per annum.

These facilities have a direct linkage to one of the Minister’s operational priorities, which is the penetration and utilisation of liquefied petroleum gas or cooking gas by Nigerians. Our projects will generate direct and indirect jobs during construction phase and during the full operations phase, in addition to other induced employment and economic activities.

These projects are important to us because our agenda as a business is not just selling cylinders, but to get more people to use cleaner fuel for cooking. The way we can do that is by bringing distribution closer to the end user by producing the cylinders locally. That also allows our storage facilities to procure gas at a discounted rate, which allows us to pass the savings on to the end users.

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