Understanding Rungas – Gas trading and Gas infrastructure.

Understanding Rungas – Gas trading and Gas infrastructure.

Rungas Group is a dynamic and integrated GAS TRADING and INFRASTRUCTURE company whose mission is to provide increased accessibility through its product offerings of composite LPG cylinders and other advanced LPG infrastructures that are enhanced with state of the art technology to promote and ensure the widespread saturation and use of LPG (a cleaner fuel) in all homes and commercial establishments across the continent of Africa starting with Nigeria.


As a Group we have positioned ourselves across the entire LPG value chain of Nigeria in a bid to be able to provide the Nigeria “gas” industry.


In line with the Federal Government’s (FG) policy aspirations for the Gas sector as encapsulated in the National Gas policy and aligning with the Ministry’s 2019-2023 Priority Project Deliverables vis a vis clusters for gas resource, rapid growth of the LPG market, development of supporting LPG infrastructure, investment and domestic growth, Rungas is partnering with key stakeholders for the development of the Cylinder Manufacturing Project in actualizing its Rungas Africa 5-5 Plan. Rungas Africa 5-5 Plan seeks to achieve a 5 Million per annum LPG Cylinder Manufacturing and Assembly capacity within the Rungas Group by year 2025.

In line with this goal, Rungas has partnered with Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), to develop the Type 3 LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plants in Bayelsa, undertaken by a JV Company, Rungas Prime Industries Limited. Rungas Prime Industries Limited (Rungas Prime), is currently developing a 400,000 Composite LPG Cylinder Assembly and Manufacturing Plant in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Rungas Group has acquired additional plots of land for the development of an 800,000 and 200,000 cylinders per annum manufacturing plants in Lagos State and Kano State respectively to further the Group’s LPG Value Chain Projects. The proposed facility in Kano state and Lagos state would be utilised for manufacturing, storage, trading and bottling of LPG Composite Cylinders.


Rungas has partnered with major stakeholders in the acquisition and operation of storage assets in strategic locations across Nigeria line with the Group’s LPG Value Chain Project. Rungas has also affiliated herself with Oil and Gas majors in Nigeria for the supply and offtake of gas for the export and domestic market. This forms part of the basis of Rungas LPG Value Chain Project, whereby manufactured cylinders will be bottled with gas and distributed to the open market.

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